Aged Companies

We have aged shelf companies in 25 states. Most all are companies we formed and put on the shelf. They have no assets, no liabilities, and no history, unless we note otherwise. We also have some companies that are not listed on the list here. If you are looking for something specific, please call us to see if we have it.

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Registered Agent Services

Registered Agents accept due process for your company and is required by law in most States. We provide this service.

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The corporation is the stalwart business entity most commonly formed for raising capital and limiting individual liability throughout the world. The corporation is a legal separate "person" which may live forever or be empowered to protect the shareholder from economic harm. It my own assets, sue or be sued, transfer its ownership easily, borrow money, mortgage its assets, and file bankruptcy.

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"S" status for a corporation is granted by the IRS to any regular business corporation or close corporation which meets specific criteria. Domestic corporations having 100 or fewer shareholders all of the same class who are citizens of the U.S. or resident aliens may elect to pass gains or losses, credits or deductions, on to shareholders in much the same manner that partnerships are taxes.

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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) may elect to pass gains or losses, credits or deductions, on to the members of the LLC in much the same manner that partnerships are taxes. An LLC status avoids the corporate potential problem of "double taxation."

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Close Corporation Advantages and Disadvantages

The Close Corporation are valid in some states, like Wyoming. They are designed for small corporations which have a small number of stock holders usually having ties to one another through family relationships or friends and business partners.

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Close LLC

The main differences between a regular LLC and a Close LLC is that there is a restriction on the selling of a member's shares. A member must offer the shares, for sale, to the other member(s) of the LLC, before they can be sold to anyone else.

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Attorney Privilege Privacy Services

The Attorney Privilege Privacy Services offers Public Director service, with an attorney, supplied by us, as your go between.

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Director Service

Some companies like to keep the officers names off the public record. We do offer this service in some states.

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Phone Answering Service

We offer phone answering services in over 40 states. Contact us with your requirements.

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Mail Forwarding and Physical Office Presence

We offer full office services and mail forwarding services in a number of states.

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Non-Profit Corporations

A nonprofit corporation or not-for-profit corporation, is an company that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.

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