Frequently Asked Questions

No. And anyone who is telling you they do is most likely not telling you the truth. If they have created a company with existing credit and you do not repay that credit, that is fraud, on them and on you. Since no one wants that problem, anyone who says they are selling you a company with existing credit is most likely not telling the truth.
No. A lender is going to ask you for financial documents on the company, showing what the company has made in the time it has been open. You do not have these, and it is a crime if you use fake documents. We will not sell companies to people who tell us they are going to use them for illegal purposes.
Yes, we guarantee in writing that the company has not been used and has no liabilities or debts, if it is one of our shelf companies.
No. They are clean shelf companies with no financial history. If they had EIN numbers there would be a chance that they could have been used and have debt. With that said, from time to time we do sell existing companies for others. Those companies may have an EIN and financial history. We do not guarantee those sales. The deal is done between you and the seller.
Yes, in some states. Ask us about the state you are interested in.
Yes. We carry an inventory of companies that we do not list on the web site. These companies go back to 1983. We will not send you the list, but if you tell us what type of name you are looking for, and the date range you want, we will let you know what we have around that date that fits your needs.